5 JUN 1863 - Richmond, VA
22 JAN 1931 - Richmond, VA

Columbus Taylor Bryant

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Lum was a farmer in Richmond County and a Deacon of Totuskey Church.

Columbus Taylor Bryant was born June 5th, 1863 to Reuben Alexander Bryant and Mary Ann Thrift in Richmond County. Columbus was the seventh of nine children.

Columbus first appears on the 1870 census. At age 7 he is listed as not being able to read or write and not attending school. His father’s occupation is given as farmer in the Washington district of Richmond County

On the 1880 census he still lives at home and his occupation is given as laborer, presumably on his father’s farm. This census marks him as being able to read and write.

Columbus married Laura Alice Sisson on February 24, 1887 at her father’s residence in Richmond County. They were married by G.H. Northam. His occupation wa recorded as "Farming" on the marriage register. The couple had eight children, all but one surviving into adulthood. The census of 1900 shows them living in the Washington township of Richmond County. Columbus or “Lum” as he became known is listed as a farmer. His sons Wilton and Richard are noted as being enrolled in school. Oscar and Emory are noted as twins. Iva and Milford’s names are also listed. The census notes that Laura has given birth to 7 children and 6 are still living. Columbus Bryant is listed as an early Deacon of Totuskey Baptist Church which was formed in 1871.

The 1910 census shows Lum still as a farmer in Washington township. It also shows his last child as being born, Frances Louise, and that he owns his home mortgage free. On July 18, 1911 his wife Laura passed away at the age of 49. She was buried at Totuskey Baptist Church.

The 1920 census still shows Lum, now a widow, as a farm operator in Richmond County. Living with him are children Emory, Bradley Milford and Frances Louise.

Lum’s youngest son, Bradley Milford died December 17th 1924. He was dragged by two young horses after getting caught in their reins. He was brought home after the accident but died the next day of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was buried at Totuskey the next day.

Columbus appears on the 1930 census living alone on his farm.

According to family lore, at some point Columbus himself had an accident with a horse that led to him becoming paralyzed on his right side. According to a resolution of respect printed in the Northern Neck News the cause of his paralysis was high blood pressure. The paralysis struck January 9th, 1931, and he passed away on the 22nd of that same month. His death certificate gives cause of death as hemiplegia (right side) and arteriosclerosis as a contributory factor. Lum was laid to rest beside Laura on the 24th at Totuskey Baptist Church.




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Spouse & Children:

  • Laura Alice Sisson
    • 1862-1911

  • Wilton Lee Bryant
    • 1887-1982
  • Richard Alexander Bryant
    • 1890-1973
  • Melvin H. Bryant
    • 1892-1894
  • Henry Oscar Bryant
    • 1895-1971
  • Emory Taylor Bryant
    • 1895-1974
  • Iva Isabell Bryant
    • 1896-1983
  • Bradley Milford Bryant
    • 1898-1924
  • Louise Frances Bryant
    • 1905-1993


  • Anna Elizabeth Bryant
    • 1849-1933
  • Mary Caroline Bryant
    • 1852-1935
  • Harriet Isabella Bryant
    • 1854-1926
  • George Henry Bryant
    • 1856-1919
  • Philip Reamy Bryant
    • 1858-1953
  • Willie Ann Bryant
    • 1860-1937
  • Northam Lee Bryant
    • 1865-1924
  • Braxton Plummer Bryant
    • 1868-1948

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