8 JAN 1830 - Northumberland, VA
31 JAN 1916 - Northumberland, VA

Isaac Henry Marsh

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Isaac was a farmer and minister in Northumberland, he was involved in the formation of Kirkland Grove Camp. He was a Confederate veteran.

Isaac Henry Marsh was born January 8th, 1830 to Isaac B. Marsh and Polly Sullivan. Both of his parents died before Isaac turned 20 and I have been unable to find him on the 1850 census.

Isaac married to Elizabeth Lattimore on December 9th, 1852, she was daughter of William Lattimore and Mary Pitman. She died of consumption on November 29th, 1853. He married secondly to Sophronia Thomas in 1855 and had two sons, Charles Lombard Marsh (1858-1940) and John Perry Marsh (1859-1886). Isaac's family is listed on the 1860 census near the Lottsburg post office. He is recorded as a farmer with real estate valued at $1,000 and personal property worth $2,480. His wife is noted as unable to read or write.

During the early days of the Civil War, Isaac served as a Second Lieutenant of Co. A, 37th VA Militia. During the summer and fall of 1861 he was stationed at the Coan River. Sophronia died April 6th, 1862 and Isaac appears to have stepped away from the war, perhaps to care for his family. He remarried to Mary Jane Marsh on August 2nd, 1862. They went on to have seven children that lived to adulthood. On November 12th, 1863 Isaac enlisted in the 9th VA Cavalry, Company K and served until February 13th, 1864 when he was discharged for the disabilities of hernia and rheumatism.

In 1870 Isaac is listed as living nearest to the Heathsville post office. This was most likely the plot of land where he lived the rest of his life and was buried on. The land is off of present day route 201 in Miskimon. When a section of Isaac's farm was sold years after his death it was referred to as Peacock Hill. In 1870 Isaac was listed as farmer. His land is valued at $500 and his personal estate at $150. His wife Mary Jane is noted as not being able to read or write. In addition to four children, a 23 year old black woman and her infant son live with the family. She is listed as a "domestic servant" named Harriet Webster. In 1875 Isaac was elected a deacon of Lebanon Baptist Church.

In 1880 Isaac is still marked living near Heathsville. He is again listed as a farmer. Eight children are listed with him and Mary Jane. Issac's son, Perry, drowned in February of 1886 while attempting to cross an icy creek. The news article about the death of Perry Marsh refers to Isaac a reverend as do most later newspaper articles. It does not appear that Isaac preached full time, but rather acted as a fill in pastor at local churches including Lebanon and Providence Baptist.

In 1891 Isaac was involved in the planning for Kirkland Grove Camp. The camp opened in 1892 and Isaac was very involved in the early years of it's operation by running the hotels and horse lots.

In 1896 Isaac was named in a deed of trust with Z.H. Hughes to sell 33 1/3 acres of land he had been deeded to Hughes by George H. Smith. Isaac was instructed to sell the land for $250 or to the highest bidder at a public auction if no buyer could be found. In 1897 Isaac purchased at public auction a tract of land for $331 that J.W. Davis had failed to make payments on. The land was described as containing 162 acres in the Heathsville magisterial district of Northumberland and was bounded on the north by land already belonging to Isaac and on the west by the main road from Howland's Chapel to Forrester's Shop.

Isaac was nominated as a Northumberland County Justice of the Peace in 1897 and 1899 and appears to have served. In 1898 Isaac wrote a letter that was published in the Northern Neck News to appeal for the local option of prohibition of alcohol in Northumberland County. He claimed to have missed only two monthly courts since the Civil War and also frequented the Lancaster County court and said, "I do not remember that I ever attended court at either place since the war that I did not see someone under the influence of liquor, and as far as I remember, ever misunderstanding or trouble has been the result of whiskey."

The 1900 census shows Isaac and Mary Jane as married for 38 years. She is listed as having 12 children with 7 still living. They are still living near Heathsville. Isaac is listed as owning his home mortgage free and still working as a farmer. Mary Jane as noted as being able to read and write now.

The 1910 census shows Isaac as still farming near Heathsville. Mary Jane is now noted as having 13 children with 7 still living. Their ages are 80 and 72 respectively.

Isaac died on January 31st, 1916. His cause of death was given as grip, or flu like symptoms. He was buried on February 2nd in the family cemetery.



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Spouses & Children:

  • Elizabeth Lattimore
    • 1832-1853

  • Sophronia Thomas
    • 1835-1862

  • Charles Lombard Marsh
    • 1858-1940
  • John Perry Marsh
    • 1859-1886

  • Mary Jane Marsh
    • 1838-1921

  • Isaac B. Marsh
    • 1866-1941
  • Laura A. Marsh
    • 1869-1950
  • Addison Hall Marsh
    • 1871-1960
  • Mattie Marsh
    • 1875-
  • Sadie Viola Marsh
    • 1876-1930
  • Mariar Marsh
    • 1878-
  • Jeter Everette Marsh
    • 1882-1955


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