12 OCT 1876 - Northumberland, VA
20 NOV 1930 - Alfonso, Lancaster, VA

Sadie Viola Marsh

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Sadie may have been part Native American. She had fifteen children.

Sadie Viola Marsh was born in 1876 in Northumberland County to Isaac Henry Marsh and Mary Jane Marsh. On the county Birth Register her name was written as Sarah Marsh and her date of birth appears to be the 15th of either March or November, but various family information gives her date of birth as October 12th. Though her parents had the same last name they do not appear to have been closely related. Sadie was marked as white on every official record that she was counted in but her pictures show that she had a dark complexion and a wide, flat nose. According to family lore some Marsh ancestors were descended from the Powhatan tribe of Native Americans and were able to speak the Algonquin language.

The 1880 census shows Sadie's parents living near Heathsville, Northumberland. Her father was listed as a farmer, age 50, her mother was 42. Sadie's name was given as Sarah.

Sadie married John Morgan Haynie on Christmas Day 1895, their marriage license was issued the previous day by Northumberland County. They had 15 children between 1896 and 1921, eleven lived to adulthood.

The 1900 census lists lists Sadie and Morgan as being married for three years and having two children. His occupation is given as a farmer and blacksmith. He is shown as owning his home mortgage free. The family was listed in the Mantua district of Lancaster.

The 1910 census shows the family in the same census district. Morgan is listed as a blacksmith. Sadie is shown as having eight children with six still living.

In 1930 Sadie, is shown as living with her daughter, Viola, and her family a couple houses down from her husband and younger children. Sadie may have been ill at that time. Morgan still has six children living with him, plus Izola's husband and two children. His occupation was given as a home carpenter.

Sadie died later that year. She passed away on November 20th of 1930. Her cause of death was given as pellagra, a vitamin B deficiency disease that can cause skin lesions, and eventually dementia and death. She was buried at Lebanon Baptist Church on the 22nd.




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Spouse & Children:

  • John Morgan Haynie
    • 1874-1946

  • Viola Marie Haynie
    • 1896-1936
  • Emma Haynie
    • 1898-1898
  • Maida Ruth Haynie
    • 1900-1928
  • Pearl Melana Haynie
    • 1900-1981
  • Morgan Dewitt Haynie
    • 1902-1946
  • John Isaac Haynie
    • 1904-1905
  • Hilda Izola Haynie
    • 1906-1971
  • Basye Marsh Haynie
    • 1908-1993
  • Muriel Ray Haynie
    • 1910-1994
  • Andrew Haynie
    • 1912-1912
  • Addie Pleasant Haynie
    • 1913-2002
  • Joseph Haynie
    • 1915-1915
  • Wakelin Woodrow Haynie
    • 1916-1992
  • Llewelyn Ford Haynie
    • 1919-1997
  • Leslie Alvin Haynie
    • 1921-1947


  • Isaac B. Marsh
    • 1867-
  • Laura A. Marsh
    • 1869-1950
  • William A.H. Marsh
    • 1871-
  • Mattie Marsh
    • 1875-
  • Mariar Marsh
    • 1878-
  • Jeter E. Marsh

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