ABT 1780 - Somerset, MD
BEF 24 SEP 1855 - Accomack, VA

John Thomas

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John Thomas was born about 1780 in Somerset County, Maryland to Levin Thomas and Sarah Wingate.

John married Molly Roach on June 3rd, 1800 in in Somerset County. She was the daughter of Jonathan Roach and Isabel Lawson. They went on to have six children.

John Thomas was mentioned in his father-in-law's will on March 2nd, 1802. Molly Thomas, daughter, wife of John Thomas received $50 and a cow and a calf. John Thomas was also named as the executor of the will.

By 1826 John and family were living in Accomack County, Virginia at Grotons.

On the 1850 census John Thomas Sr, age 70, and his wife Molly, age 74, were living with their daughter Emeline and her husband James Barnes in Accomack Parish.

John died before September 25th, 1855 in Accomack. On that date that John R. Drummond was named to settle the estate of John Thomas. Louis D. Drummond & Oliver P. Drummond were the securities.



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  • Levin Thomas
    • 1745-
  • Sarah Wingate
    • 1746

Spouse & Children:

  • Molly Roach
    • 1776-1860

  • Polly Thomas
    • 1802-1880
  • Sallie Thomas
    • 1808-1894
  • John Thomas
    • 1810-1850
  • Wingate S. Thomas
    • 1812-1852
  • James S. Thomas
    • 1815-
  • Emeline Thomas
    • 1818-1895


  • Unknown

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