About 1818 - Annamessix, Somerset, MD
15 OCT 1895 - Accomack, VA

Emeline Thomas

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Emeline Thomas was born about 1818 in Somerset County, MD to John Thomas and Mary. She married James Barnes (1815-1896) son of Arthur Barnes (1777-1846) and Euphamia Lewis (1778-1860) about 1842. They had eight children.

The first record I have found for their family is the 1850 census. Emeline is is marked as born in Maryland and able to read and write. James is listed as a farmer, age 35, with an estate worth $600. He is marked as being born in Virginia and as unable to read or write. In addition to four children already listed, John and Molly (Mary) Thomas are listed as living with them, ages 70 and 74 respectively, both born in Maryland. The census location is Accomack Parish in Accomack County.

In the 1860 census Emeline's age is given as 42. Her mother, Mary/Molly, is still living and her age is given as 90, but she died later that same year. James is still listed as a farmer, his real estate is now valued at $800 and he has personal property worth $150. Three more children have been born since the last census. They are shown in Accomack Parish near Metompkin post office.

By 1870 James is no longer farming, he is listed as a carpenter. Emeline's age is given as 50. James' estate is valued at $500 and personal property at $100. Her three sons all work as oyster men. The census places them in Metompkin township of Accomack nearest the Modest Town post office.

In 1880 all of the children have moved on except the youngest, Missouri. Emeline's occupation is listed as keeping house. James' occupation is given as ship carpenter. The form puts them in the 7th enumeration district of Accomack County.

Emeline died October 15th, 1895 and Accomack, VA. Her cause of death was listed as "Blood Poison" and her age was given as 76. Her burial location is unknown.



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Spouse & Children:

  • James Barnes
    • 1815-1896

  • Melissa Barnes
    • 1843-1906
  • John W. Barnes
    • 1845-1926
  • James W. Barnes
    • 1847-1932
  • Benjamin Franklin Barnes
    • 1849-1850
  • William T. Barnes
    • 1851-1908
  • Mary E. Barnes
    • 1854-1906
  • Susan Anna Barnes
    • 1856-1927
  • Julia Ann Barnes
    • 1858-
  • Missouri E. Barnes
    • 1861-1919


  • Unknown

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