Research Wish List

Mother and Father of Frances R. Walker
Mother and Father of William Alexander
Mother and Father of Mary Barker

Photo Identification
Photo of Mildred Cleopatra Fallin or Wade Fallin
Photo of Richard Christopher Dameron
Photo of Laura Alice Sission
Photo of Robert Early Bush

Direct Ancestors
Zamoth George 1882
Frances J Dawson 1884
Mary Barker 1886
Hempsel Clarke 1886
Mary Ann Thrift 1890
Sarah Clark 1893
Emeline Thomas 1895
James Barnes 1896
Sallie Justice 1904
Alice Columbia Jones 1919
Other Family
Robert Edward Bush - Died 1973 in Maryland
Josephine May Lewis (Aull) - Died 1992 possibly in Maryland
Richard Morgan Sabat - Died 1993 in Virginia
Rudolph Simon Tadey - Died 1994 in Virginia
Arthur Ingram Baur - Died 1997 in Pennsylvania
Myrtle Flora Lee (Lokey) (Lewis) - Died 2007
Charles Dawson Forrester - Died 2011
Marjorie M Durling (Bryant) - Died 2013

Other Documents
1940 Census Page for Apphia Judson Sisson
1880 Census Page for Mary Barker
1870 Census Page for John Emory Haynie
1850 Census Page for Isaac H. Marsh
Death Record for Zamoth George
Death Record for Mary Barker
Death Record for Hempsel Clarke
Death Record for Sallie Justice

Book Wish List
  • Stop & Look: History of Coan Baptist Church 1804-1979
  • A Hardwick Genealogy, Charles Vincent Hardwick, 1990
  • The Sydnor Family Saga: The English Forebears and American Descendants of Fortunatus Sydnor, Sydnor Thompson Jr., 2000
  • The Claughton Family of Northumberland County, Va, Richard I. Luht, 1995
  • Descendants of Rev. Benjamin Doggett of Virginia, Blanche Doggett Heflin, 1984
  • "Ellen Rogers Wife of George Heale of Lancaster County, Virginia," The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 11, No. 1, Carlton Lee Hudson, 1967
  • Garner - Keene Families of Northern Neck, Ruth Ritchie & Sudie S. Rucker Wood, 1952
  • Genealogical Notes Concerning the Flint (Flynt) Family, Ivy Hardin
  • The Yeatmans in America, W.C. Yeatman, 1933
  • The Paynes of Virginia, Brooke Payne, 1937
  • "Matthew Rodham" by C.D. Cochran in Bulletin of Northumberland County Historical Society, V. 12. p 21.
  • Place-Names of the Northern Neck of Virginia, Mary R. Miller, 1983
  • The Colloquies of Edward Osborne, Citizen and Clothworker of London, Anne Manning
  • Harrison, Waples and Allied Families, William Welsh Harrison, 1910
  • Tombstone Inscriptions of Upper Accomack County, Virginia, Mary Frances Carey with Moody K. Miles, III and Barry W. Miles, 2006
  • Essex County, Virginia Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1626-1800, F. Edward Wright, 2013
  • (Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia Wills 1656-1692, William Sweeny

Last Updated: 2/25/2023